Front-End Manager / Daytime Operator
Once she had found out her son was going to open a restaurant, she decided to help by bringing her authentic Cuban recipes to the menu. She was originally our Head Chef, but is now working the front of the restaurant to make sure everyone is getting the best quality of service possible, and of course to make sure everything is up to her high standards.


Vicente's Cuban Cuisine was created in 2005 to give Detroit's palette an authentic taste of Cuba! Our recipes have been handed down through generations of the Vazquez family, as well as a few additions from our amazing Chilean Chef Roberto Caceres.

Located on Library street in the heart of Detroit, Vicente's Cuban Cuisine exudes the warmth and flavor of a true Cuban restaurant. The romantic milieu of Havana effortlessly transports you with extraordinary scents of exotic dishes and the rhythmic sounds of salsa music. Our menu is filled with nothing but the finest Cuban cuisine and signature cocktails, all of which fuse this trendy part of Detroit with plenty of Cuban soul.

Owner / Creator
As a young child, Vicente dreamed of pressing Cubano sandwiches and working in a restaurant (Who Doesn't) However like all young men he grew up and realized that he would rather own a restaurant then to just work in one, since his life had lead him to Detroit, he decided that this was where he wanted to fulfill his dream. Using several of his family's recipes, Vicente Vazquez founded Vicente's Cuban Cuisine in 2005 to provide an authentic Cuban experience to the Metro Detroit area. With its mix of Latin entertainment and family tradition, Vicente's is the culmination of a dream to unite and enlighten everyone of the Cuban lifestyle.

Executive Chef
Chef has travelled the globe soaking up different cultures and life from areas like Chile, Spain, Scotland, Argentina and Brazil. In Barcelona he attended culinary school and began his cooking career on a oil platform, then on to a Chef on a cargo ship. His first land based culinary experience came when he arrived in America. Landing in Miami he worked at three of Miami's top Spanish restaurants including El Cid, Casa Juancho and La Carreta. Six months after Vicente's opening, we brought Chef Roberto on board to bring his Spanish influence into the kitchen. The result is glorious and we invite you to enjoy what he and his staff create.